Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The wierdest things in my home

Hello all,

Its amazing the amount of CRAP you find in your house, and the herculean effort required to clean it out. I, being the sneaky partner in this marriage, took advantage of Elodie's business trip to Vienna to clean out the house. She can no longer block me from throwing away the decorative chopsticks with year of the rabbit. No more screaming at me to save the decorative crystal ashtray, even though neither of us smoke. And who knows? Maybe one day we will need that half cracked african mask hiding under a pile of magasizine for the past three years.

This time, I wanted to highlight the wierd stuff we have collected over the years:


Yes, I picked this up in Fujisawa, just north of Tokyo. Its your favorite beer mug, made of your favorite snack! How about washing down a cold beer with a tasty treat of dried squid all wrapped in one? Right next to it, I have a Belgian Westvleteren, voted the number one beer in the world many times over (Its made by monks and they only make a few hundred thousand cases a year). I'm just about to drink it now.... Oh wait, never mind. The bottom of my beer mug is a dodgy green color. Maybe not.

Hungarian fertility nuts

Somehow, this ended up somewhere on our bookshelf. Elodie is surrounded by Hungarians at work and when we got married someone gave us this as a custom. It basically a mini-me stuffed into half of a walnut shell. A bit haunting up this close isn't it?

Decorative Japanese Ear Picks

Let me tell you folks, Japanese make ear picking somewhat of an art form. I have about half a dozen decorative multicolored ear picks, for those oh so often occasions when you feel like stabbing at your ear in public for wax balls. If your going to do it, why not in style?

Well its back to work for me from here. Basically, I am only halfway through my house emptying, but as I throw away all of my junk I send evil text messages like 'Mwuhaahaa, I am throwing away your 2004 Global Economic Forum paperweight' to my wife.


  1. sweet squid mug...

    BTW Fujisawa is south of Tokyo...better fix that compass...